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Turnkey Technology to Pinpoint and Rank I&I for Targeted Repairs or Replacement in Collection Systems

Thursday, September 30th
8:30am PT / 11:30am ET
Join Reline LIVE with Cassie Jordan, CEO, Pipe Reline Solutions and Brogan Quist, Regional Manager, SmartCover for a lively chat to learn how a SmartCover system equips wastewater workers with the right tools to pinpoint inflow and infiltration (I&I) for target repairs and replacement. Today's smart sewer technology works in the background, silently keeping cities protected. From real-time, storm-proof communications to web-enabled dashboards and mobile apps, the easy to understand reports and notifications are preventing countless sewer overflows, manhole accidents and wasted field hours.
About Brogan:
Brogan Quist is the Western Regional Sales Manager for SmartCover. His territory includes the 11 “Western States”, as well as parts of the Midwest, Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii. Brogan earned his B.S from Westmont College in Business and Economics. After graduating in 2012, he took a full-time position at SmartCover, and has been with the company for over eight years. Before joining SmartCover full time, Brogan spent several summers working at the company, with various duties spanning from customer service calls and field visits/installs/maintenance, to quality control testing of remote field units before they were installed in the field. Contact Brogan directly at
About Cassie:
Cassie is the CEO and Owner of Pipe Reline Solutions and started Reline LIVE when the pandemic first started. Now it is a highly valuable tool for engineers, municipalities, DOTs, contractors and more to learn what's new on the market, how technology can help save time and much more.

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