With water levels at their lowest point of the year, it was time for Larimer County to line a failing culvert.

Their failing culvert, a 36” CMP with dips to ~31” in height and a rusted invert was supporting
County Road 74E, between U.S. Highway 287 and Red Feather.


Digging & replacing was not an option since this highway eliminated a 3-hour detour for, potentially, thousands of cars every day. Plus, with 25’ of cover beneath the paved road, this wouldn’t be a simple dig & replace project.


Larimer County’s solution was to self-install 140’ of 30” Snap-Tite with a homemade bullet nose to maneuver through the failing culvert with ease. Even with the dips and sub-zero temperatures, the bullet nose and ease of snapping allowed the 140’ to be lined in ~4 hours.

A bulkhead would be built the following day then structurally reinforced by grouting.

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