Highway 55 is a Major Highway from the Boise Metro area to access most areas in the Northwest of the state. If the 2 lane highway is closed it would cause detours of 4-5 hours depending on which direction and area a driver is try to access. This means that the Idaho Transportation Department will consider all rehabilitation options to not close this highway for any length of time. 

After reviewing many options to rehabilitate the 60” CMP, they determined their quickest, least expensive and one of the longest repair solutions was SnapTite.


60” CMP running under a major highway (55)
Tearing up the Highway would require a 4 hour detour for traffic to get to most cities in the area
Rusted Invert
Sink Holes starting on the side of the road


54” DR 32.5 SnapTite with a Nose Cone cut On-Site
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