A 1950’s bridge was in question when the 85” CMP was failing underneath. Initially, the culvert was inspected in October 2020 by Delta County, Pipe Reline Solutions, and Snap-Tite personnel to make recommendations for the irregularly shaped, failing CMP.

Over the next 6 months, the culvert continued to collapse and by the install date, had crept down to a 78” measurement at its smallest point. Luckily the HDPE’s flexibility allowed the liner to squeeze through the host pipe with ease.


Digging & replacing was considered, but the concrete pipe needed to support this structure would’ve cost more than the HDPE pipe, bulkhead, and grouting costs combined. Not to mention, digging & replacing would’ve occupied the county’s seven-man crew for a month straight.


The final decision was a 72” ID (78.9” OD) HDPE liner with a bell & spigot joint. The next hour was spent making a temporary diversion with wood angling the water into a 12” CMP that ran through the culvert.
Doesn’t get much easier than lining 70’ of 85” CMP under 30’+ of cover by lunchtime!
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