At all times of the year, and especially during ski season, thousands of cars use SH-9 each day. Alternative routes for trucks, travelers, skiers, and hikers could result in hour long detours. To avoid this disaster, CDOT specified HDPE liners as this would provide a cost and time effective option that would provide an increase in flow, fish baffles, inlet control devices, and custom length sticks to work within right of way restrictions.

After looking at ovaled, large diameter HDPE pipe vs. Snap-Tite, all variables above were essentially equal. As a result, lead time was the deciding factor to avoid working into ski season. The sliplining, bulkhead, and grouting were completed within a week to reinforce the structural integrity and allow enough time for the GC to pave the road before winter traffic ramped up

City: Frisco, CO

Engineer: CDOT

Contractor: SEMA Construction & American West

Project Details: 120’x63” Snap-Tite sliplining 72” Ellipse CMP


Rusted Invert
Hundreds of cars passing over the culvert per hour
Time to dig & replace would potentially interfere with ski traffic 
Culvert was compressed & losing its structural integrity
A ton of aquatic life pass through culvert


63” SnapTite
Welded dissipators every 2’ on bottom pipe
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