Robyn Jensen
Robyn Jensen

We often need Snap-Tite (HDPE segmented liner) for our customers when rehabilitating culverts and storm drains. Pipe reline solutions comes through every time. They make the process from ordering to delivery, pain-free and efficient.


We are a small, woman-owned business that specializes in all things reline and rehabilitating failing or damaged pipe systems. Everything from irrigation, stormwater, sewer, and more we can help. While we are a newly established business, we are not new to pipe. Our team has been in the pipe business collectively for over 25 years.

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Our product selection consists of an assortment of pipe options ranging in sizes from 10” to 63”+ that can be formed to fit some of the most irregular shaped culverts out there. With Pipe Reline Solutions you know you’re getting the best pipe for your project, and the best customer service that is with you every step of the way. We offer a selection of pipe varieties that can be the solution to a number of pipe reline projects; from an emergency joint seal to a complete reline. View our selection below:

Our Projects

Pipe Reline Solutions offers exceptional customer service from the point of contact through to the end of your project. We take pride in offering our customers the absolute best pipe selection coupled with our experienced culvert rehabilitation specialists with years in the industry to assist along the way. Take a look at our project portfolio below:

  • Rusted Invert
  • Hundreds of cars passing over the culvert per hour
  • Time to dig & replace would potentially interfere with ski traffic 
  • Culvert was compressed & losing its structural integrity
  • A ton of aquatic life pass through culvert
  • 60” CMP running under a major highway (55)
  • Tearing up the Highway would require a 4 hour detour for traffic to get to most cities in the area
  • Rusted Invert
  • Sink holes starting on the side of the road
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